Welcome to the 21st century.

Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. Health care. Jobs. Queer lives.

Why should we care about graduate theological education?

  • It is a discipline that trains both ministers and academic theologians. These careers don’t pay much — but they sustain humanity by developing the better angels of human nature.
  • The issues afflicting graduate theological education overlap across the entirety of higher education.

To help you get started, just follow the menu options above:

  • The Table of Contents will take you to the latest updates of my memoir.
  • To make a financial contribution, navigate to Money Fundraiser.
  • At this point, spreading the word about this website is just as good as making a financial contribution.
  • Listen to the Playlist for a deeper dive into the aesthetic of The Remnant of Israel.

I did not survive all the years that I survived and help all the people I helped only to be evicted and felled by an outdated, elitist, ableist, anti-Christian institution.

But I cannot engage in this campaign alone. Join me by spreading the word, making a financial contribution or — if you are able — by doing both.

After having endured a racist presidential administration and a global pandemic, it is astounding that a campaign like this even needs to exist. As 2021 comes to a close, it is unacceptable to go further into the 21st century continuing the old harmful ways.

To borrow language from another social justice movement: Time’s Up.

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